Tea Parties Delivered to You

Full Afternoon Tea

$220 (Serves 8-10)

$140 (Serves 4-5)


Scones – Choice of 1

Tea Sandwiches – Choice of 3

Sweets – Choice of 2

Teas – Choice of 2

Our signature pound cake
Dessert Tea

$130 (Serves 8-10)

$80 (Serves 4-5)


Scones –Choice of 1

Sweets – Choice of 3

Teas – Choice of 2

Delivery Menu Selections



Cream Tea with Clotted Cream & Strawberry Preserves

🎄⛄Currant with Clotted Cream & Orange Marmalade

🎄⛄Apricot with Clotted Cream & Ginger Preserves


Tea Sandwiches

Cucumber w/ Herb Cheese

Egg Salad w/ Watercress

Pimento Cheese

Chicken Salad w/ Dill

🎄⛄Roasted Winter Vegetables

🎄⛄ Roasted Turkey with Cranberry Cheese



Vanilla Bundt

🎄⛄My Granny’s Cake- rum & spices make it special

🎄⛄Spiced Shortbread

Raspberry  Jam Thumbprints

Berry Cheesecake Cups

🎄⛄Winterberry Trifle Cups


(loose leaf tea or liquid concentrate)

Paris – black tea blended with oil of bergamot, black currant and warm notes of caramel and vanilla

Queen Catherine – smooth, black blend in the honor of Queen Catherine of Braganza

🎄⛄Holiday - Black tea, cloves, almond flavor, orange flavor, vanilla flavor, flower petals, cinnamon, orange pieces

​​Vanilla Comoro – decaffeinated black tea infused with rich vanilla flavor

🎄⛄Cinnamon Spice - decaffeinated black tea with cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves

Citron Green – Japanese Bancha, with citrus and orange flowers

Tropical Green - green tea blend with pineapple flavor

🎄⛄Island Dreams- Green tea, blue cornflowers, rum flavor, pineapple flavor, coconut flavor

Royal Wedding Tea – Mutan white tea with almond, coconut and rose petals

🎄⛄White Christmas - White tea, cardamom, chamomile, almond flavor, vanilla flavor, and cardamom flavor

Raspberry Herbal – raspberry leaves, hibiscus, rosehips and peppermint

Mother’s Bouquet – chamomile with citrus and orange peel, blended with rosebuds, cornflowers and marigolds

🎄⛄Holiday flavors

A la Carte Menu

Tea Sandwich Platters (60 pieces) $100

Scones (dozen) $24

​Cakes (8") $30

Shortbread (20 petit) $25

​Clotted Cream $10

Preserves $7